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Dr. Zach Mullin

Dr. Zach Mullin joined Elite Health Systems in January of 2020. Yes it was a rough start with COVID. Being persistent paid off for him and his patients as well during those difficult times. He was able to build one of the busiest practices in the heart of chiropractic country (where it all started) and he lead his patient to good health while not losing (1) one patient to the pandemic and having only (1) patient hospitalized. 

Dr. Mullin is a 2014 Graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and a second Generation Chiropractor following in the footsteps of his father, Dr. Paul Mullin 40+ year faculty of Palmer College Diagnosis Department. 

Dr. Mullin enjoys delivering the best in biomechanical care to multiple generations in families from across the midwest. Many of his patients travel hours to see him for his expertise and ability to help them make lasting changes in their posture and health. 

Although he will not say it.............Dr. Mullin is still a killer on the soccer pitch and plays weekly in the premier league in the Quad Cities. If you get a chance play hacky sack with him in the office!

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Dr. Jay Johannsen

Dr. Jay Johannsen has over 29 years experience in the health care field as a doctor and massage therapist. He graduated from Palmer college of Chiropractic in 2001 with his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree and received massage therapy diploma from Shock's Center for Health/The Manual Medicine Center in 1993. He has worked in several clinics and maintained a private practice focusing on sports performance while attending Palmer College. He is an accomplished bicycle racer and former Iowa State Road Racing Champion (1999).   He is certified in chiropractic Pediatrics and Obstetrics by Logan College of Chiropractic 2008 and has been caring for mothers and infants since the 2001 birth of his son.  Dr. Johannsen's current clinical focus is on obstetrics/pediatrics and the prevention of degenerative spinal disorders.

BioMechanics: Since 2010 Dr. Johannsen has been on a constant quest of research and post graduate studies on the topic of human biomechanics and the relation to aging and function. 

In 2023 Dr. Johannsen started a weight reduction practice to help people with the current obesity epidemic. Using the latest in laser, HIFEM, EMS and RF combined with dietary modification we are helping people lose an average of 15lbs of body fat a month. Congruently the cutting edge technology used for weight loss also helps people with aesthetic improvement reducing stretch marks, scars, cellulite while tightening loose skin. Plans are set to expand this clinic model to Iowa City, Peoria, Rockford, Cedar Rapids and Dubuque in 2024. 

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